Five Things to Consider When Buying Health and Beauty Products

Sometimes choosing health and beauty products is tough. Here are some tips that I try to keep in mind when shopping for them.

1) Always read the ingredients. Check out the ingredients that you’re curious about on the Cosmetic Safety Database, and see what they have to say about it. I link this website often because I use it so often. Also, it’s legit. Research it for yourself if you see it necessary. After using the site for a while, you’ll start to recognize the names of certain chemicals that are potentially harmful. This may or may not make you feel smart.

2)Know what natural means as far a health and beauty products are concerned, which is not much. More often than not, when something is “derived from” something that was once natural…it ceases to be natural. If you cannot pronounce the ingredient in question, it’s a good idea to do some research before buying it.

3) Know what organic means, too. The word organic really has little or no positive implications alone. It’s always smart to look for an indication on the label that the product is “certified organic”.  Unless a product is not confirmed to be organic, then it would only be logical for the product to have a certification. It’s common sense, y’all.

4) Remember that “green” does not always imply quality ingredients. Maybe it makes me a shit head, but I’d much rather the products I use be good for me than the environment. I’m all for a recycled bottle that is biodegradable…but it’s not a necessity.

5) Don’t be stubborn. If a particular product does not work for you, then it really doesn’t matter if it has awesome ingredients. Always read reviews and buy trial sizes when available. There’s nothing more disheartening than having eight ounces of twenty dollar conditioner that you feel obligated to use even though it makes your hair look like turds. A great review site is MakeupAlley, but they have a pretty limited selection of reviews for products with minimal and simple ingredients.
by Dawn Grimes