Rimmel Lipstick Review

This morning I decided that I needed some red lipstick.


  • special occasions
  • putting it on and immediately wiping it off/rubbing it in can sometimes leave a nice and subtle shade that looks somewhat natural
  • because I can

Consequently (and perhaps unfortunately), I picked up the reddest and cheapest shade I could find at Walmart this evening.

Rimmel Lipstick (shade: Red Hot)

Either this lipstick is the absolute worst, or I just discovered that I have the kind of lips that do not agree with lipstick. Picture a clown’s mouth. There you go.

Also, the color is nothing to write home about. It is a little too orange when applied for my liking.

Lesson Learned: Cheap isn’t always best.


Oh, and the ingredients are probably dreadful as well.
by Dawn Grimes

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