Get outta town, olive oil.

I coated the ends of my hair with olive oil before going to bed three nights ago. I thought that I remembered trying it before, but I must have been wrong because I do not at all remember the greasiness that ensued. I used baking soda the next morning in the shower and thought everything was fine. BUT my hair still looked wet after it was completely dry! I had to put it up while I was at work; it looked that gross. All the shampooing that I had to do to make my hair normal again definitely undid all the good that the treatment did for my hair.

Danielle is smart.

Danielle has been urging me to replace my shampoo with baking soda for at least a year now, and I finally tried it out in the shower this morning. Actually, it was this afternoon. I slept in, and I feel pretty good about it. I feel pretty good about my hair too. It looks clean, but it doesn’t have that just shampooed squeaky/dry appearance. I am definitely going to start shampooing less and using baking soda more.

M Bad, Karen (a re-review).

I would like to apologize for jumping the gun and telling the internet that Karen’s Botanicals Calendula Rose Facial Cream smells like ham. After being assured that I must have received an expired or defective sample, I gave it another try. To my surprise, the cream smelled nothing like ham the second time around. Apparently I did initially receive a bad sample.

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