A Quick Fix for Puffy Eyes

English Breakfast Tea

Yesterday I awoke to the puffiest eyes imaginable, and I was pretty bummed out about it until a I came across Keiko Lynn’s most recent Makeup Monday post. I love Keiko’s sense of style, but I tend to skip over her Makeup Monday posts since natural products are not her top priority. However, when I saw that yesterday’s post focused on travel skin care, I decided to check it out since traveling light with toiletries is kind of a foreign concept to me.

Toward the bottom of the post Keiko suggests using soaked black tea bags to relieve puffy eyes, which makes perfect sense since caffeine has anti-inflammatory properties (no wonder 100% Pure’s Coffee Bean Eye Cream is such a hit). After kicking myself for not thinking of it first, I grabbed two bags of organic English Breakfast Tea and heated some water. And guess what? After relaxing for a few minutes with those bad boys on my face, the puffiness had almost disappeared completely.

What a world.

by Dawn Grimes