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Fun with Flamingo Hats

Silly hats are the only worthwhile items Ron Jon Surf Shop has to offer.


Hey guys, I hope you’re all having the best week. Here are a few links to some summer/beach related articles I’ve recently come across. Enjoy!

  • Several of these casual updos could easily be recreated for a relaxing day on the beach or just a hot day in the sun.
  • This sunscreen infographic is so informative! I love arming myself with useful information.
  • Parts 1 and 2 of Eco Stiletto’s Eco Bikini Feature are very promising. Bikinis made from recycled water bottles and organic cotton? I can’t wait for parts 3-4!
  • Get a bikini wax this month and kill two birds with one stone.  Be swimsuit ready and support cervical cancer and HPV research.

by Dawn Grimes

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