The Perfect Homemade Deodorant?


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Danielle made Angry Chicken‘s version of homemade deodorant a while back, and while she found the tiny heart bars (pictured above) she made using a silicone muffin pan very easy to apply, the combination of ingredients didn’t eliminate and prevent her body odor like she’d hoped. Danielle promptly went back to her prior homemade deodorant, and left her unused bars in our refrigerator. I’m always up for trying new things, especially those that are health and beauty related, and Danielle knows this. So when she rediscovered two of her heart bars in the fridge a few days ago, she gave them to me to try out!  I gladly obliged.

I made sure to set the bar low for this new deodorant, since I tend to find something wrong with every deodorant I’ve ever used (even if it’s something completely insignificant). Proof:

  • Tea Tree Oil– It eliminated and prevented odor like a dream. Sadly, even after being diluted, this stuff really irritated my armpits.
  • Erbaviva Lemon & Sage Organic Deodorant– It was easy to apply and it kept body odor at bay, but the smell wasn’t quite feminine enough for my liking. I’m also not a huge fan of spraying alcohol on my body daily.
  • Erbaviva Jasmine & Grapefruit Organic Deodorant–  A more feminine scent than the above product, but its performance wasn’t anything to write home about. Also this product had a tendency to burn my armpits (another reason alcohol isn’t my fave).
  • Danielle’s preferred homemade deodorant– Since the coconut oil probably wouldn’t allow this deodorant to hold together as well in bar form, it is instead stored in a small jar. This makes for messy fingers and a slightly messy application. Also, depending on the essential oil I used, this deodorant would occasionally cause an armpit rash.

Still, I’ve been using my deodorant bar for several days now, and I’m having trouble finding anything to complain about. The cocoa butter makes my armpits smell a little like chocolate, and I feel pretty great about that fact. The initial white residue fades within minutes, and my armpits are as smooth and as fresh as ever. Even in a soap dish in my bathroom, the bar remains in solid form and is impressively easy to apply. My fingers might get a little residue on them while applying, but it’s nothing a quick wipe with a hand towel can’t remedy.  However, since this deodorant has vitamin e in it, it’s best to wait a few minutes for it to dry before getting dressed. An oily spot on a new dress is the opposite of attractive. Trust me.

If you’re searching for a natural deodorant that works for you, then you should definitely give this stuff a try. I realize body chemistry varies from person to person, which is probably why this product didn’t work as well for Danielle, but there’s always a chance it’ll work wonders for you like it has for me. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


by Dawn Grimes

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  • I already bought the ingredients to try the danielle’s  favorite homemade deodorant. I bought an natural deodorant here, but after few (really few) hours, I have stink + deodorant scent…not cool….

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had that problem with too many natural deodorants to count! I hope this one works for you. 🙂