Essential Oils, Eyeshadow, and Staying Young/Thin

Essential Oils, Eyeshadow, and Staying Young/ThinMarch 9, 2011

For today’s post, I thought I’d share two interesting articles with you guys.

  • 9 Essential Oils with Huge Health Benefits– Danielle bought me a set of 6 essential oils for Christmas, and I’ve yet to open the bottle of peppermint oil. Sounds like I could be putting that stuff to good use! Also, this is the first I’ve heard of lavender combating high blood pressure. Geranium, Rose, Clove, and Lemon Balm oil clearly need to find their ways to my bathroom cabinet.
  • 10 Reasons Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat– Eating brown rice more often than bread does seem like a smart idea, and I need to learn to respect desserts instead of devouring them carelessly.

p.s. I think I’ve gotten slightly better at blending eyeshadow since my review of the Alima Pure Rainforest Collection:

Alima Pure Eyeshadow

I’m wearing Macaw and Jaguar, btw.

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