Follow-Up On Debutante Face Scrubbies

Upon my good friend Selena‘s suggestion, I’ve been using my Debutante Face Scrubbies to cleanse my face rather than tone it.  I’ve found that this is obviously what they’re intended to do (not only because that’s what the product description states on their Etsy product page, but also because it leaves my face feeling super soft and thoroughly clean).

Here’s how I’ve been doing it: I squirt the tiniest bit of my current cleanser in the palm of my hand, apply it gently to my face with my hands, and then scrub away with a damp debutante face scrubby.

Once I run out of my disposable cotton pads, I’ll probably tone my face strictly with a regular ol’ bath cloth (since I feel like it might waste less toner than the reusable pads), but cleansing is definitely a job for my scrubbies!
by Dawn Grimes